How to Make Sure Christian Missionaries Get Killed

How to Make Sure Christian Missionaries Get Killed November 18, 2015

The Pentagon’s Missionary Spies

This is as stupid and wicked as the US sending spies pretending to be polio vaccine workers into Pakistan to hunt bin Laden.  Now real polio workers are in danger of death from local who think they are CIA.

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  • Joseph

    Ummm… they’ve been doing that for a very long time. In fact, they funnel money through NGOs to incite civil wars and revolutions in foreign countries while making *contacts*. Most of the Protestant Evangelical Missionary groups sent to the Ukraine and other former Soviet countries under to auspices of bringing Christianity to those Communist barbarians (even though they were either Orthodox or Catholic) were heavily infiltrated by the CIA and State Department. It’s been that way since. They even do it in peaceful countries where they want to influence political will. This isn’t a surprise to you is it?

  • Bob

    I seem to remember a news story that the growth of Protestantism and Mormonism in Latin America in the the last 30 years was bankrolled by the United States, who thought that that Latin American style Catholicism was insufficiently anti-communist and not as respectful to property rights as they preferred.

    • Dave G.

      That’s a new one. But then, I’ve heard things like that for years. Hitler’s Pope and all. Which is why I tend to shy from the ‘it’s all run by a big Eastern syndicate you know’ approach to things. Even if it is from so reliable a source as the news. 🙂