Praise Report from a Reader You’ve Prayed For

Praise Report from a Reader You’ve Prayed For November 14, 2015

She writes:

I had my scans and saw my oncologist today and she said that, while the complete radiology report will take a few days, the preliminary report indicates that my cancer is stable, which is good… not as good as it having gotten smaller or disappeared, which would have fallen into miracle category, but this is much happier news than we’ve been getting for the past 10 months. 🙂

Right now the plan is to continue with the current treatment, which consists of one medicine taken every day and another taken for 21 days followed by a 7-day break before repeating that cycle. Then I’ll have scans again. As was the case with these past two cycles, I’ll be monitored to see if certain counts are getting too low and, if they do, as happened the first cycle, I may have to take a longer break from the second medicine. However, even though my counts today weren’t quite as high as my oncologist would like, she gave me the go-ahead to resume the second medicine tomorrow, but wants me to have my blood rechecked in a week instead of waiting two weeks.

My doctor is pleased that the side effects from this treatment have been minimal and that my energy and stamina continue to improve. And although I do have pain from the cancer in the bones, it doesn’t seem to be getting any worse at this time and rarely is bad enough for me to take pain medicine for it. She again recommended that I be cautious, keeping in mind how much this treatment lowers my immunity and that my cancer-damaged bones are fragile, but otherwise expects me to go on with my day-to-day routine.

I can’t adequately express how much I appreciate the love and prayer support you all continue to give me, but I can say that you all are awesome blessings in my life. Thank you for everything you do!

Father, thank you for answered prayer! Continue hearing and answering our prayers for your daughter, her caregivers, and all who love her through Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary, St. Luke, and St.  Peregrine, pray for her!

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