Scenes from the Existential Civilizational Struggle

Scenes from the Existential Civilizational Struggle November 19, 2015

Another Billion Dollars in Arms Sold–to our Dear Friends the Saudis.

Cuz we are totally super-serious about our War on Terror.

Speaking of which: Super-Serious Compassionate Prolife Conservatives routinely keeping asking me why all those terrorist refugees don’t just go to Saudi Arabia or the UAE?

Yes, it is mysterious why Yazidi, Christians, and Shi’a don’t go to the epicenter of fanatic Wahabism that funds the nuts who want to kill them. I’ve often wondered why the Jews of the MS St. Louis brought their problems to *our* door when they could have just moved from their troublesome German village to Berlin. Who can fathom the mind of the foreign devil?

On another related note, the Onion, already demonstrably prophetic, is once again prescient.

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  • Dave G.

    I’ve not heard or read of a pro-life conservative asking why refugees don’t go to Saudi Arabia. Like those other sites in the link such as Bloomberg and the Daily Mail, some have asked why can’t they go. That is, if America shutting its doors on the refugees is such a powerful recruiting tool, why is it that Muslim countries that appear to be doing the same isn’t? Like so many things in this war we’re in, there is a lot to talk about and questions worth asking.

  • Andy

    We, that is the West, do not understand at the visceral level needed to begin to fathom what is occurring in the Middle East. In so many ways the west is complicit in this turmoil, long before W invaded Iraq. It stems from our desire to use the oil found there in terms most helpful to us. we do not understand the tribal/clan loyalties at a level needed to respond.

    We expect folks in the Middle East to want what we want (everything), to behave as we behave (self-centeredly) and to base everything on economics. We found a set of people in Saudi Arabia and other places to at least superficially behave in that manner. But our ‘allies” did not give up other aspects of their culture/religion.

    The power of the inter-Muslim war prevents movement often within the Arab world. The rejection of other religions by various sects of Muslim faith prevents movement. The local clan connections prevent movement – I have a Muslin friend who commented the other night that his extended family has lived in the same town for about 1000 years, and in the same family house for over 300 years. In America, we do not understand that sense of belonging.

    We need to look at this crisis with new eyes, and with a new understanding. How do we help stabilize an area that is rife with anger, rife with sectarian differences, rife with small groups being seen as representing an entire population? The question is not answered with “keep them out rhetoric” nor is it answered with “your not acting Christian rhetoric”. I have no ideas, but I have many concerns and recognize the need for prayer.

    • Dave G.

      The essence of what you say is spot on. The fellow from Syria I’ve gotten to know has pointed out several of those same things. However, he also mentions that we Westerners need to get over ourselves and stop thinking ti’s always about us and our fault. It’s not all our fault, and it isn’t us baddies always making everyone else bad or just looking for the bad no-us types. To dwell on that is to miss massive parts of the equation. And I think that’s a big, big issue. The two perspectives, that we are the liberators saving the ME from itself, or that we are the villains screwing up an otherwise beautiful part of the world with beautiful people who only want to give peace a chance, are equally wrong (and in their own way, equally arrogant). As he so wisely put it: even without America we’re capable of sin. So much to think about, and so difficult finding forums in which the two prevailing narratives of the West don’t shout down anyone else (including those in the part of the world where it is all happening).

  • LFM

    I think people were asking why *Muslim* refugees are not being taken in by Saudi Arabia.