Scenes from the Existential Civilizational Struggle

Scenes from the Existential Civilizational Struggle November 19, 2015

Another Billion Dollars in Arms Sold–to our Dear Friends the Saudis.

Cuz we are totally super-serious about our War on Terror.

Speaking of which: Super-Serious Compassionate Prolife Conservatives routinely keeping asking me why all those terrorist refugees don’t just go to Saudi Arabia or the UAE?

Yes, it is mysterious why Yazidi, Christians, and Shi’a don’t go to the epicenter of fanatic Wahabism that funds the nuts who want to kill them. I’ve often wondered why the Jews of the MS St. Louis brought their problems to *our* door when they could have just moved from their troublesome German village to Berlin. Who can fathom the mind of the foreign devil?

On another related note, the Onion, already demonstrably prophetic, is once again prescient.

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