Urgent Prayer Request for Lucy the Cuteness

Urgent Prayer Request for Lucy the Cuteness November 17, 2015

Update from Dad: “Possibly migraine, Possibly a mild throat infection, possibly both.  But ok.”  Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ!

She came down with sudden headache last night and it’s still here this morning.  Luke reported a mild fever so Jan asked if she could put her chin on her chest without it hurting more (a test for meningitis).  It hurt.  Luke called the doc and was told to take her to urgent care at Children’s Hospital immediately.  They are on their way.

Please pray to the Father for my beautiful granddaughter’s complete healing through our Lord Jesus Christ, for her caregivers, and for all of us who love her.  Pray as well for Luke, who is under a lot of stress.

lucy at Christmas

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