Hello! I Must Be Going!

Hello! I Must Be Going! December 15, 2015

In the words of Captain Spaulding, the African Explorer, I come to say I cannot stay, I must be going.

Come the New Year, I’m going to be taking on a bunch of really big projects that are going to eat up a lot of my time and energy. And time and energy are something I already have in short supply. So something has to give.

I’ve been doing this every day except Sundays since April 2002. That seems like it’s about enough. So, after having given it a lot of thought, I’ve decided to end my blog here at Patheos on December 31. (I will keep on blogging and writing my “Connecting the Dots” column over at the National Catholic Register.)

I’m deeply grateful to you guys for reading me all these years. And I’m grateful to Patheos for giving me a forum to blather my stuff without ever telling me what I could and could not say. This blog has been a gift to me, and the biggest part of that has been the gift you guys have made of yourselves by reading it.

Please know that as I go you will be in my prayers of gratitude and intercession. In the meantime, I will keep on blogging like normal(ish) over the next two weeks (bearing in mind it’s the Holidays and I am usually in goof off mode then.

Also, to help make it easier to be glad I’m leaving, I am posting a link to the Star Wars Holiday Special.

You’re welcome!

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