Realism December 14, 2015

"A bold claim, please point out what I've said that's false."

Audrey Assad Breaks Your Heart
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Simcha Fisher Has a Great Idea
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Where Peter Is has a nice ..."

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  • Marthe Lépine

    As I said elsewhere before, a giant wall between my country and yours would certainly be a great infrastructure project, creating jobs for generations to come. For example, the engineering feat of dividing part of the St-Lawrence river and the Great Lakes with a wall going from the bottom of the water up to 50 or 100 feet above would be an opportunity for impressive engineering innovations. Afterwards, there would be a lot of jobs remaining, for ongoing repairs and maintenance… It might be seen as a “make work” project, but it would bring prosperity to anyone involved in it!

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      We better start that, before the US destroys Canadian culture completely (It won’t raise the price of pure maple syrup, will it?).

      • Pete the Greek

        We HAVE to keep those floppy-headed frostbacks out! They’re sneaking over the border and picking our broccoli!!

        • Rebecca Fuentes

          Noooooo, not our cruciferous vegetables!

      • Marthe Lépine

        We are lucky about our culture: Part of it, the one I actually belong to, is French, and so far it has staunchly resisted getting americanized… Therefore, and even if Quebec eventually became its own country, since we also have a french-canadian culture in a large part of Eastern Ontario, this should help our cultural survival up to a point.

    • Ken

      You can do whatever you want as long as we can keep Tim Hortons.