The Campaign for Pope John Paul I

The Campaign for Pope John Paul I December 12, 2015

Reader Lori Pieper writes:

I’m slow in getting to this, but I hope you might let your readers know: The Pope John Paul I Association is having a fundraising campaign on ( to fund the publication of the papers from our international conference, called “The True Pope John Paul I,” The contributors brought out many fascinating new details about his life and death.

Among the revelations: A priest who was at the Vatican on the morning John Paul I’s body was found gives some unknown medical details on the possible cause of his death; the late Pope’s niece comments on his health and debunks the murder conspiracy theories; and an historian uncovers then-Bishop Luciani’s previously unsuspected role in the writing of one of the most important documents of Vatican II.

These are all detailed in our press release. ( The campaign lasts until December 16. We really need contributions to reach our goal.

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  • Thibaud313

    I’m sorry but I studied this subject extensively. I have watched The Godfather III and learned a very important lesson this way : Sofia Coppola is a bad actress.


    • Thanks, Mark!

      After the campaign ends on Dec 16, people can still donate at our website

      • Just wanted to announce that we are awarding a collectible-quality copy of John Paul I’s Illustrissimi by a drawing among all those who have donated
        since the start of the campaign — plus, we will be including all those
        who donate through our website through December 31. We’ll announce the winner there.