Today’s the day they give babies away…

Today’s the day they give babies away… December 29, 2015

…with half a pound of butter! (sung to the tune “This is the Way We Wash our Clothes”).

And with that traditional song of obstetrical heraldry, I am delighted to say that Mrs. Claire Shea, wife of Cow Shea (don’t ask about the “Cow” thing, long story) is in labor with their second child.  Claire can be seen second from the right, looking Quite Far Along in this festal Christmas Eve photo taken scant days ago  (Cow is behind her and Seraphim the Beauteous is second from left eagerly awaiting baby brother/sister):

All of which is to say, “Merry Christmas!  Mazeltov!  And please pray for a safe delivery for Mama and Baby through Christ our Lord.”  Thanks!

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