World War Z Begins…

World War Z Begins… December 10, 2015

as the a carrier of the Francis Rage Virus moves from dormancy to transmission vector in the wake of the Vatican Light Show the other day.

There was nothing, of course, heterdox about affirming our responsibility for creation.  The Church has always done so.  But for Reactionaries, the “thought” process tends to confuse aesthetics and buzz words with theology.  So “something something environment” = LIBERAL! = HERESY!!

And light shows on the sides of St. Peter’s are new, therefore Evil.  If only we could get back to the days of Realio Trulio orthodox Pope Benedict (who sponsored the Live Earth Concert in Rome). Or medieval mystery plays that put a hellmouth in the Sacred Space. That was Reverence. But honoring Creation is Satanic.

Meanwhile, Lifesite News continues to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to human life by poisoning as many people as possible against the pope for no good reason other than they just don’t like the guy. I’ll believe that LifeSite News’ core mission is to defend human life and not use the unborn as human shields for right wing culture war talking points when they stop going off message in order to bash Francis about such things as “aesthetics” and “the fact that he exists and is Pope.”

Affirming the teaching of the Church in Genesis 1 and Laudato Si is not “sacrilege”. It is sound theology. Lifesite should stick to its primary mission and stop dispensing anti-Catholic propaganda. As it is, tree-hugger Tolkien is now too “liberal” and “pagan” for the Francis Haters.

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