Exhibit A in How Defense of Trump Distorts Christian Witness

Exhibit A in How Defense of Trump Distorts Christian Witness May 16, 2016

A reader writes:

Trump has grown in virtue. Mark Shea claims to defend life 100% but is willing to overlook secured borders, jihadists, the overthrow of Christianity via caliphate building, minority enabling via pandering, illicit trade, evidenced by his third party advertisements. An unwillingness to defend the lives of people who defend life.

Notice the infallible way in which Trump defense leads to using the unborn as human shields for Trump’s *real* “non-negotiables” (and those of his Frankenstein base).  The proposition that a man who still insists that he has done nothing for which he need ask God for forgiveness is delusional enough.  But notice as well how this is coupled with a total focus, not on the unborn, but on xenophobia and racist fear of “minority enabling”.  Those are the real issues for this person.  The Babies[TM] are just fig leaves.

That shell game is what every Trumpkin has to commit to.  You will always wind up dancing to Trump’s tune, never he to yours.

In contrast, if you subscribe to a Whole Life ethic you just agree with the Church and then get back to fighting abortion.

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