Now is the Time to be Consistently ProLife

Now is the Time to be Consistently ProLife May 13, 2016

The excellent Rebecca Bratten Weiss gets it and calls Christians away from the seduction of using the unborn as human shields for GOP Culture of Death priorities and back to the simplicity of the gospel: protection of human life from conception to natural death–not to mention respect for all the rest of God’s creation as well.

It’s doable. And there are zillions of genuinely prolife people now chafing under the “Vote Trump or the Baby Gets it” regime who would flock to the banner of the kind of Consistent Life Ethic being promoted by Life Matters Journal or SFLA.

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  • This catch up reading is a heavier slog than I thought it would be. Still no actual evidence that you’re putting any effort in to this election other than fulminating against Trump. I’m positively annoyed how these posts are making me feel more pro-Trump with each bit of unfair bashing. I didn’t like the guy long before he got into politics and you’re softening my opinion of him.

    • Pete the Greek

      Support this man?? MADDNESS, I say!