The Party That Cries Wolf and Benghazi

The Party That Cries Wolf and Benghazi May 17, 2016

Time was when Conservatism had some ideas.  That time is long gone.  Now it is the empty-headed Party of Panic.  It does not lead a free citizenry. It stampedes cattle.  It gins up panics.

and panics ginned up against desperate and persecuted Middle Eastern Christian with Ted Cruz standing on a mound top of thousands of their corpses in order to insult them as anti-semites and fundraise at the same time.

Because of this, I have been leery of the ongoing Benghazi panic and the fascinating assumption that guilt has somehow been proven despite the fact that the Party of Panic has never gotten around to proving anything.  Now I know why: there’s no There there.  Just another panic, like the Ebola is an Obama Plot panic and the Obama is Coming to Take All Our Guns During Operation Jade Helm panic.

Dear suckers who still listen to the Right Wing Noise Machine:

Memorize this proverb: Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me 50 billion times, shame on me.

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  • Ken

    Left out Obama’s plan to create a Socialist World Order, Sharia Law taking over the judicial system, Obama’s a secret Muslim, Texas being invaded by the military. My most recent favorite is that Trump is a mole by the Democrats. Also enjoy to see that all polls that are negative towards Republicans are made up but all polls that are in favor of Republicans are true. This assertion is made despite the fact the same polling company does the different polls.
    It is impossible to get all of the conspiracy theories in one place there are just too many of them. This is one of the reason I’m not in the party anymore these crazy theories are embarrassing.

    • Andy

      I often wonder if people spent as much time trying to solve real problems – I don’t know hunger issues – how much could we accomplish or is the conspiracy theorists haven’t reached a mental maturity level to think like that?
      By the way my new favorite

      • Artevelde

        ”We have had doctors on about this”. Well, that does it. Changing my medical policy. Direct repatriation when faced with any kind of medical problem while visiting the USA.

      • Ken

        Okay, that is the best/worst conspiracy theory ever. As one local talk show person would say, “It may not make sense to you but it makes sense to them.”

    • Artevelde

      I heard this Ken guy who posts on Patheos is really JFK, shilling for the party from beyond the grave.

      • Ken

        That’s actually true.

        • Artevelde

          No it’s a crazy theory. We all know JFK still lives, despite Cruz’s dad’s best efforts.

          • Ken

            “We all know JFK still lives, despite Cruz’s dad’s best efforts.”
            If Trump tweeted this I wouldn’t be the slightest bit suprised

  • Guy McClung

    Dear Suckers Who Listen To Anyone Who Says You Cannot Vote For Trump Or A Republican: The implicit message is often: “You can in good conscience vote for Hillary Demon instead of Trump Devil.” It is the “seamless garment lie” in new clothes. You need not vote for either evil. And you cannot vote for Hitler over Stalin, Satan over Beelzebub, Hillary over Trump, or vice versa.Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

    • Artevelde

      ”If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons”. Winston Churchill then allied with Stalin. I’m sure Mark is not tossing out the Rosary in favour of the Hillary. He’s making a judgement in a particular voting decision. Of course, your last line contradicts your first line and by now I can make an educated guess as why that is so.

    • chezami

      So no actual facts or evidence to rebut my point. Duly noted. As I say, it’s party with no ideas left in its empty head. I agree that one need not vote for either. But I insist that you *cannot* vote for Trump. MY point here is that its stupid to cry wolf when you have nothing. It’s also stupid to fight the rest of the Church’s teaching (as you do here by attacking the Seamless Garment) while using the unborn as human shields. That stupid strategy is how you wound up with Trump.

      • Guy McClung

        I did not wind up with anybody. Check out Hell Vote Yourself In at I am an apologist for neither major party-they are our rulers, our aristocracy, and they have insured about 60,000,000 persons have been killed here, over half of them minorities. It is yes stupid to fight much of the institutional church here – it is a wing of the Democrat Party, the Democatholics. I have seen a plehtora of articles by those who used to tell us “Catholcis are not single issue voters,” now saying only “You cannot vote for Trump.” At least they dont have, yet, the chutzpah to come out and say “Vote Catholic, Vote For Hillary.” I think we may agree re your “having nothing” – it applies to all our rulers, Democrat and Republican.

  • Bemused

    Beyond the political theater, sometimes bad things happen and it isn’t the fault of this party or that party or neglect. Sometimes it’s quicksand, despite everyone’s best intentions. As far as I can tell, Bengazhi was an example of quicksand. I absolutely sympathize with people who want to blame someone for the tragedy, but the blame goes to the people who killed the ambassador.

    Within the political theater, if Fox news broke a story that Hillary Clinton had actually killed a person, even if it was followed up by credible witnesses, I’m not sure I’d believe it. I’ve spent 25 years watch the Republican party create “scandals” of her “illegal activities” that never turned out to be illegal or particularly scandalous (as opposed to Bill, who was definitely scandalous). There have been too many cries of “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!Gate!”

    Michelle Obama is not a man.
    Barack Obama is not a Muslim.
    John Kerry is not a coward.
    Ted Cruz is not a Canadian.
    John McCain is a war hero.
    John Boehner is an honest-to-goodness conservative.
    God did not drown New Orleans because of the gays.