Nobody Seems to Like My Idea

Nobody Seems to Like My Idea May 16, 2016

…of the Dems and GOP holding their conventions together and having a massive cage match in which candidates and delegates battle to the death until just one is standing. Pay-per-view costs could go directly to fund Veteran’s Benefits, a lot of people nobody will ever miss will be permanently gone and when we are down to one candidate we can then just jail him for the rest of his natural life and pick somebody by lottery. He or she is bound to be better.

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  • Anna

    President-by-jury-duty-method is not necessarily a bad idea. Certainly not worse than the current field.

  • The Shadow

    Not sure this is exactly the pro-life option, but it would definitely be entertaining!

    • Artevelde

      Very astute obervation. Keeping many of them them IN the cage until we can be sure they are no longer a threat to society seems prudent and very much in line with Catholic teaching though.

  • wlinden

    I think anyone who wants to be president should go down to Warwick the Kingmaker’s and fill out a form:
    Are you a good plain crook?
    Have you ever been president before? If so, state how many times and whether deposed, beheaded, or died of surfeit.