Another Conservative Bids Goodbye…

Another Conservative Bids Goodbye… May 16, 2016

to the madhouse of the Trumpkin Right.

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  • Marthe Lépine

    Unfortunately, I cannot read the linked story, since I do not see any need to give my e-mail address to the Washington Post, and prefer to keep my e-mail address for my own e-mail anyway. Could someone give a little summary in this combox, please, and thank you?

    • Bemused

      Jennifer Rubin is fed up with the anger and the pettiness. She’s not feeling the GOP any more.

      • Marthe Lépine

        Thank you

    • MarylandBill

      That is why it is always useful to use web mail addresses as spam boxes. I have addresses I never, ever use for mail, and use them to sign up to web sites.

  • MarylandBill

    The only problem I see was that she recommended the History Channel… Really? Has she watched it in the last 5 years? Back in the 90’s and early 2000s it was great, but when the closest you get to history is Pawn Stars and American Pickers?…

    • Ken

      Wait a second how about the Ice Road Truckers? Okay, ummm Alone? No, Chasing Classic Cars, Darn. Give me a few hours and I’ll think of something remotely historic.