Trump’s White Supremacist Albatross

Trump’s White Supremacist Albatross May 12, 2016

can’t resign as a delegate. I think that’s great, because it shows what this candidate–and the Party that is totally responsible for creating this monster–is about.

This is what our “prolife” leadership is, more and more, “prudently” telling us we must support. Priests for Life, Susan B. Anthony List, Austin Ruse, Huckabee, Jindal and others have all–incredibly–thrown their weight behind Trump. Others are crumbling and making mealy-mouth excuses as the lure of the One Ring attacks their resolve.

I will take seriously the Prudential Judgment of the “Vote GOP or the Baby Gets It” crowd when somebody demonstrates that they have an ounce of Prudence.

Happily, not everybody has bowed down to this man. I note with pleasure the emergence of a truly prolife subculture with a Consistent Life Ethic who are dedicated to the Church’s teaching: protection of human life from conception to natural death. Such organizations as Life Matters Journal and SFLA are signs  of hope.  But the massive problem of a “prolife” movement now nakedly exposed as prostituted to a guy who is not only obviously contemptuous of us as useful idiots, but skilled at manipulating the prolife movement into supporting a candidate who stands diametrically opposed to the teaching of the Faith on a host of things (including abortion) signals that the time has come for a new prolife movement to be born from the ashes of the old one.  Of which more a bit later.  But first we must defeat Trump–or we risk completely discrediting *any* prolife movement from now on.

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  • Mike

    Hey you’re back on here!

  • MarylandBill

    Can’t help but agree. If we are to be authentically Catholic, and not simply against abortion, I think faithful Catholics need to break with the Republican Party. Vote third party, vote for Daffy Duck… There seem to be some decent Republicans in Congress.. perhaps we could persuade them to form the nucleus of a third party that is really concerned about being against abortion, but also against racism and for helping the poor (which does not necessarily mean welfare) and the elderly and the sick.

  • tj.nelson

    You are back! Yay! Will link again. So glad you are back – man I missed your critiques – I look up to you and thank you for your honesty. I’m totally serious.

  • Tina

    Yet some majority of Repubs give him a free pass on this. Evangelicals(?) apparently adore Trump. 2 Corinthians love him! Without holding Trump (and all govt officials) accountable for their affiliations, he will consider this free pass as confirmation to be even more virulent and biased.

    Even on Patheos, a blogger named David Armstrong not only wrote a (sophomoric) opinion piece on why Trump will win, but also takes a swipe at Catholics …

    Dave Armstrong Mod onlein • a day ago

    I think so, too. Catholics as a class are some of the dumbest voters in America.

  • Hammond

    Yes. Absolutely. Prostitution works both ways though. While Priests for Life agrees to a host of evils in order to carry the GOP banner, Trump now vows to overturn Roe vs. Wade- in other words promise the foolish anything and everything as long as they vote. We all know that legal bird has flown the coop but the promise of it does ease the conscience of those who would sign off on torture and killing of innocent women and children.

  • Kathryn Coe

    what do you think of writing in, “None of the Above” on ballots in November?

    • chezami

      As long as you don’t vote for Trump, let your conscience be your guide.

  • Matthew Townsend
    • chezami

      Vote GOP or the baby gets it! The old lie.

  • Matthew Townsend

    Leader of Pro-Life Women’s Group Says Pro-Life Voters Should Support Trump, Here’s Why ..

  • I look forward to your Petersen endorsement before the end of the month, as the most plausible pro-life candidate left.