GOP Civil War Breaks Out Anew

GOP Civil War Breaks Out Anew June 16, 2016

Republican big wigs compare Trump to Hitler and Mussolini, Romney renews hostilities with the Donald, while elsewhere the Party of Personal Responsibility tries some good old fashioned Girardian scapegoating in which Paul Ryan takes the fall as “the” reason the GOP is losing America.

Dear Party of Personal Responsibility:  The reason you are losing America is because you and the Right Wing Noise Machine spent years breeding and catechizing a base of racist dolts who respond to Panics du Jour like sheep and who live in a bubble of unreality.  Now 80% of them are “totally fine” with Trump’s blatant racism.

But, here’s the thing: 80% of Americans are not totally fine with blatant racism.  That’s why Trump has a 70% unfavorability rating and, God willing, will bring the Party of Personal Responsibility to its knees when the American people rain down complete destruction on it and all its pomps and works this fall.

If conservatives (including conservative Christians) are smart, they will repudiate this albatross right now.  But the magic of the Trumpkin mind is that all appeals to fact and reality are repudiated as “media lies”.  So my money is on the Party of Personal Responsibility hunkering down and only encountering reality in the form of an electoral Hiroshima blast they never saw coming.  God willing, it will result in a coup by sane conservatives who will, at long last, find the gut to exile from their midst forever the racist, lunatics, conspiracy theorists, and enemies of the common good who are currently running the show.  Real patriots who actually want something good for America.  Good guys.

We’ll see.  Meanwhile, I wait to hear the sound of “mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa” from *somebody* in the Party of Personal Responsibility, at long last acknowledging that they and they alone are responsible for the rise of Donald Trump and that they and they alone catechized the base of racist morons who crowned him and said, “We have no King but Trump.”

Any Catholic who cares about preserving the witness of “faithful conservative Catholics” to the world has a solemn moral obligation to resist and oppose this man.  If we throw in our lot with him, he will wreck our witness and our credibility as surely as the sun rises.

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