Harriet Tubman: Christian Hero, Great American…

Harriet Tubman: Christian Hero, Great American… June 3, 2016

and the gutsiest badass to ever grace American money.

She’s a great addition to the pantheon of secular patriot saints that such things are supposed to commemorate for our admiration, contemplation, and imitation.

I would love to see some smart cookie in Hollywood just ransack history and do some really good cinematic accounts of the lives and adventures such people.  Americans are a people astoundingly ignorant of history and a re-introduction, not only to our own great heroes, but of some of the astonishing stories of the saints would be a real tonic in an era which exalts such dismal figures as Clinton and Trump as the Best We Can Do.

Greatness–real Christian greatness–and not the empty glitter and sleaze of Trumpkin’s Amerikkka is still possible.  A start is seeing it modeled for us.

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