Mike DellaVecchia Needs Our Help

Mike DellaVecchia Needs Our Help June 3, 2016

He writes:

If you would be so kind as to put a donation of any amount into this GoFundMe page, I will use your money to help a poor family living in Philadelphia, or a homeless person living in the nearby streets and tent cities. The picture you are seeing here shows immigrant families who belong to St. Hugh of Cluny parish of Philadelphia. They live in tiny tenements, sometimes several families occupying a small floor of a little building. Children, infants, and grandparents are everywhere. I am getting referrals for baby gear, infant formula, air conditioners, clothing, kitchen appliances, beds, food, you name it. I bring them all of these things every day, in my partnership with the parent parish of St. Veronica’s, just as I bring these items and more to poor people in the rest of Philadelphia, on the streets, in the homes, and in the homeless shelters. Philadelphia has now been assessed by the U.S. Census as having the highest percentage of people living in deep poverty of all major U.S. cities. Although my penetration to improve this issue is deep here, my resources are limited. To make my work more effective and streamlined, I started a non-profit corporation, Catholic Philadelphia Outreach. I consider myself an “action Catholic,” bringing the example of good works to my friends who are invited to join by active participation, or to donate money. Please donate anything you can here. Please share this message on your walls and in groups. Thank you and God bless you and yours.

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