The difference between a Consistent Life and “Prolife” Approach

The difference between a Consistent Life and “Prolife” Approach June 17, 2016

A Catholic Consistent Life approach says “Protect natural life from conception to natural death” and calls upon states to create laws that encourage this.

The “prolife” approach, now enslaved to the Party of Trump says, “We must support a racist misogynist bigot for president on the microscopic chance that he will outlaw abortion via SCOTUS.” It simultaneously asserts that if an abortion law can save just one life, all the racism and misogyny in the world is worth it. Changing abortion law will be our salvation and will stop the killing!

Yet at the same time, it insists that if a gun law fails to stop all murder it is a total waste of time and we should be talking about abortion, not guns. Because law is utterly futile and it is folly to trust in it to stop the killing.

Instead of pitting the unborn against those killed by guns, why not try to save both by insisting on protecting all life from conception from natural death and not using the unborn as human shields to defend racism and misogyny–and gun slaughter?

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