Trump’s Amerikkka: Where a Latino surname makes you a Mexican

Trump’s Amerikkka: Where a Latino surname makes you a Mexican June 2, 2016

even when you are born in Indiana.

Today’s red meat for the racists who are the backbone of Trumpkinism.  He’s the prolife hero who is totally all about human dignity and care passionately about stopping abortion.

“This is vile stuff. Not only is Trump peddling racist conspiracy garbage about a federal judge (Curiel was born and raised in Indiana), Trump is using the bully pulpit to try to intimidate the courts to rule in his favor.Just imagine, Trump effectively warned Judge Curiel,what will happen to you if you rule against me after I’m elected president.

To state the obvious, Trump is a bigoted authoritarian whose continued political success represents a very real threat to the rule of law in this country.”

The spectacle of Christians now reduced to saying “Who know *what* he’ll do, so let’s just shut our eyes and *lunge* in his direction and believe God for a miracle of conversion” is the most embarrassing perversion of the virtue of faith I have ever witnessed in my adult life. The command is not to be wise as doves and innocent as serpents.  We shall be held responsible for what we do as we rationalize supporting grave evil dancing before us in broad daylight.

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