To Austin Ruse

To Austin Ruse July 15, 2016

“In good faith, Rich, I am sorrier for your perjury than my peril.” – Thomas More to Richard Rich, A Man for All Seasons

Mr. Ruse unintentionally buttresses my argument that the Greatest Catholics of All Time hate evangelization and wish to drive inquirers away from the Faith.

FYI, Mr. Ruse, my friend is not a lesbian, merely an atheist (much to her husband’s joy).  But she is deeply interested in and empathetic to the Faith (I joke with her that she is the World’s Crappiest Atheist).  That used to be a good thing back when “faithful conservative Catholics” cared about the Church’s mission of evangelization and not about drawing up the drawbridge of Fortress Katolicus.

Here is a human being, made in the image of God, and listening to fine teachers like Benedict and Chesterton.  How is that a problem?

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