Wisdom from Reader Michelle Arnold

Wisdom from Reader Michelle Arnold July 28, 2016

She writes:

St. Paul, in opening his speech to the Athenians, did not say, “Men of Athens, you’re not going to fool me with that fake religiosity and superstitious tribute to a god you don’t even know! I know who you heathens really worship and I’m here to tell you you’ll all go to hell if you don’t start worshipping the one true God!” (cf. Acts 17:22-23).

So, why don’t Christian pro-life advocates, when finding out that someone who supports abortion has also spent a lifetime working for the welfare of children, say something along these lines:

“Mrs. Clinton, I can see by your record that in every way you care very much about the welfare of children, having worked to ensure healthcare and education for them from their earliest years. Your devotion to the lives of children demonstrates your desire to serve all children wherever they may be. Allow me to introduce to you now an unknown segment of children who need you to work on their behalf for their safety and well-being.”

This applies in spades for the millions of people who reluctantly vote for her in horror at Trump and who dislike abortion in various degrees from “total opposition” to “uncomfortable resignation”.

I say again: the great blunder of the prolife movement was to be talked into the notion that support for the unborn was somehow the opposite of all the other social justice teachings of the Church.  So we now have a “prolife” movement dedicated to making excuses for a candidate and party who proudly celebrates racism, the “courage” of nuclear strikes on civilian populations, contempt for refugees, mockery of the disabled, hatred of the first amendment, and grinding the faces of the poor.  And we wonder why people don’t take us seriously.

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