The Alt Right vs. the Pro-life Movement

The Alt Right vs. the Pro-life Movement August 31, 2016

Over at Secular Pro-life Perspectives, they are marveling (and, fair warning, cussing) at the fact that the Alt Right gets that the prolife movement (the real one, the one that cares about stopping abortion and not about electing Alt-Right candidate Donald Trump) is about human rights, not the oppression of women–and rejects it precisely on that basis. The Alt Right loves both misogyny and racism–as well as eugenics. It is its raison d’etre.

And it is now a power in the land.

It will be fascinating to see how strange bedfellows will become with the rise of the Alt Right. Will anti-abortion-but-not-prolife folk prostrate themselves even to these racists who don’t even pretend to respect them, merely for the sake of Trumpian Republican power? Or will they say, “What kind of monsters are we becoming?” and walk away?

Will abortion-on-demand-without-apology types make common cause with Alt Righties merely because they support abortion? Or will they say, “What kind of monsters are we becoming?” and walk away–perhaps even realizing for the first time that they do indeed share with the Alt Right a contempt for human dignity?

Will the minority prolife movement–the one with a consistent life ethic–get the hearing it deserves and be able to liberate people enslaved to ideology to listen to Holy Church’s whole teaching? I sure hope so. If you want to help that happen, check out Life Matters Journal.

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