The Remarkable Thing About the Trumpkin Right

The Remarkable Thing About the Trumpkin Right August 11, 2016

…is how it is completely willing to sacrifice itself and its integrity and credibility for a man who will hurt his own supporters most of all.  He does not care about you.  He does not even care about winning the election and has already made clear he has abandoned any hope of doing so.  That’s why he is lying that it is “rigged” on the basis of zero evidence.  And so when he goes on his long vacation, he will leave his base of suckers behind to stew and blame the Jews or minorities or whoever for his failure and, very possible, open fire on somebody.  Our laws, alas, do not make it easy to punish a feckless demagogue like him for so recklessly poisoning our civic life.  But God sees.

Meanwhile, O Trumpkin, try at long last to learn something from your nearly infallible talent for complete visible-fr0m-space wrongness.  Consider the possibility that you are not the victim of a conspiracy and that the common denominator in your repeated losing streak is you and not shadowy enemies and conspirators.

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