How being a prolife Catholic works in the Trump Era

How being a prolife Catholic works in the Trump Era September 29, 2016

It’s been six months since the Dear Leader has so much as mentioned abortion (and when he did, it was to say the laws are set and should remain that way). He didn’t mention it at the convention either. Why, it’s as though he doesn’t care about abortion and regards you as a sucker and useful idiot. What can you do to get the conversation moved toward, you know, your supposed core value?

I know! Join publicly in a good solid cheer for how right the Dear Leader is to double and triple down on the mature and edifying spectacle of calling a woman “Miss Piggy” and obsessing over that as the primary takeaway from the debate! That’ll send the message to pregnant women how much you care about life and the gospel and vulnerable women and human dignity. Wag that double chin about how a broad needs to look good to satisfy a man. Could there possibly *be* anything more prolife than a portly thrice-married man coming to the aid of a strip club owner as he fat-shames an uppity dame?

This is the face of “prolife” Trump conservative Christianity. You dance to his tune, not he to yours, O Prolife Christian. He feels a need to obsess over justifying his misogyny? Then that is your core value and non-negotiable today and yesterday, and the day before that, not the unborn. And you will be remembered, not for your heroism in saving babies, but for your craven sycophancy to this wretched, thin-skinned, misogynist bully.

And sooner or later, women and the rising generation who watch you bow and scrape to this, your *real* core value and non-negotiable, will simply abandon you as your fading voice tries to get people to care about the unborn anymore. Because by your fruits, they will know you didn’t really care about the unborn. So why should they?

Or you could decouple from this hideous misogynist, apologize for joining in this filth, and actually *act* like you believe what you say about putting the unborn and the dignity of human life–including fat human life–first.

And before you say, “Stop using a broad brush! Not all prolife Christians are like Newt Gingrich!” tell me: where is one single peep of protest from the Trump base? Who in the prolife community has said a word against this bullying idiocy? When do Frs. Pavone or West or Franklin Graham or Jerry Falwell, Jr. or *anybody* in the prolife world shout, “Enough!” and demand a halt to this grotesque spectacle? Silence implies consent. And Gingrich joining in without a word of challenge only confirms that this kind of neanderthal bullying is a feature, not a bug, for Trump supporters.

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