Time to John Birch the Alt Right

Time to John Birch the Alt Right September 1, 2016

For some inexplicable reason, Jewish guys like Jonah Goldberg have a heightened sensitivity to the dangers of the filthy racism peddled by the alt Right.

And it is the tragedy of the ruinous toxic thing that American conservatism has become that he takes a serious risk of alienating a large portion of his readers by pointing out the evil thing that is the Alt Right.  Just read the combox comments to see how far gone much of the rank and file are.

I’m seeing lots of attempts to soft pedal the racist filth the alt Right trades in.  Goldberg nails their core message:

There is a diversity of views among the self-described alt-right. But the one unifying sentiment is racism — or what they like to call “racialism” or “race realism.” In the words of one alt-right leader, Jared Taylor, “the races are not equal and equivalent.” On Monday, Taylor asserted on NPR’s “Diane Rehm Show” that racialism — not religion, economics, etc. — is the one issue that unites alt-righters. If you read the writings of leading alt-righters, it is impossible to come to any other conclusion. Some are avowed white supremacists. Some eschew talk of supremacy and instead focus on the need for racial separation to protect “white identity.” But one can’t talk about the alt-right knowledgeably without recognizing their racism.

Do not make excuses for it.  Do not tell me to hear them out.  Do not whimper about how liberal made them be that way.  It is an unclean and evil thing to be renounced along with all the other works and pomps of the devil. Period.

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