Wow! September 7, 2016

The rock-ribbed conservative Dallas Morning News endorses the Dem for the first time in 75 years.

You can hear the pained reluctance in their tone. Only the folly of a party in love with Trump could drag them to it. And like most sane conservatives, the DMN editors realize they have no obligation to pretend that Hillary’s flaws don’t exist. They merely realize that the crazy right wing conspiracy theorists who routinely accuse her of running Murder Incorporated while they turn a blind eye to Trump’s nuttiness are… not mentally sound guides to policy.

“Hillary Clinton: Wrong Within Normal Parameters” should have been the title, but good enough.

Here’s their takedown of Trump from a couple of days ago. Defeat him now and you’ve got a ghost of a chance to save the GOP. Batten on to this trainwreck, and he dooms the Party.

Me: I think he can and will destroy the GOP, and good riddance. Maybe some kind of sane conservatism will emerge from the ashes once the nuts have finished their Gotterdammerung. That sane conservatives exist is proven by the Dallas Morning News editors.

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