Another Illustration of Shea’s Law of Prolife Trump Support

Another Illustration of Shea’s Law of Prolife Trump Support October 26, 2016

The law states that “All prolife support for Trump invariably means that any time or energy allegedly slated for defense of the unborn will in fact be spent defending every filthy thing Trump says or does. Prolife Trump supporters will destroy their credibility defending him. In return, he will give them absolutely nothing.”

Case in point, a reader writes:

Just because pro-lifers are supporting him does NOT mean they agree with everything that has come out of his mouth! I am so sick of everyone calling the “race” card whenever anyone says anything against another race….muslims need to be vetted!!!

Note how the thought smoothly transitions from flatly denying defending him on every filthy thing he says to earnestly defending saying things against other races and arguing passionately for persecuting people solely on the basis of their religion. What is remarkable is the complete un-self-aware nature of the transition from denial to proving my point.  And though those inside the Bubble will themselves not see it, everybody outside the Bubble does–especially people of color who have gotten the message loud and clear.  That includes ardently prolife Christian people of color, who now realize that, for many millions of “prolife” Trump supporters, defense of his racism is more important than defense of the unborn.  In the same way, millions of prolife women have gotten the loud and clear message that defense of his misogyny and sex predation matter more than their rape or abuse.

Now the task is to construct a prolife movement that is actually prolife and not merely anti-abortion while committed to using the unborn as human shields for every Right Wing Culture of Death priority.

This seems like a promising start to that.  And, of course, there is the fledgling American Solidarity Party, which pursues a consistent life ethic as the Church urges.

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