If you want your vote to count, vote third party

If you want your vote to count, vote third party October 13, 2016

A mathematical analysis.

Don’t buy the hooey about how you have to vote for a major party candidate to matter.

Your vote is like the widow’s mite.  It won’t change the outcome of the election, but (as we are witnessing as Christians choose between obeying their conscience or going to the mat to defend a sex predator with lies like “All guys are like that” or “Women read 50 Shades of Grey so they have it coming” or “Can’t you take a joke?”) it will change you.

I’m voting Mike Maturen of the American Solidarity Party.

Please.  No Schrodinger’s Voting Booth nonsense about how that is “really” a vote for Clinton (if you support Trump) or “really” a vote for Trump (if you support Clinton).  It’s just a vote for Maturen.  Because I don’t owe Trump or Clinton a vote and am robbing them of nothing when I refuse to vote for them.  If you believe that you are a slave of a candidate who has the right to command your vote, you fundamentally misunderstand the American founding.  The state and politicians do not own you.  You are free citizen deciding who you will hire for office, not the slave of any politician.  Live your freedom and don’t let politicians shove you around.

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