John Medaille Describes our Current Political Landscape Well

John Medaille Describes our Current Political Landscape Well October 10, 2016

He writes:

If reducing abortions is your only goal, it is easy to do. In fact, it’s already been done. Abortions are at their lowest point since it became legal, and half the number it was at the height of the slaughter.
The methods for doing so are easy and well known:
1. Discourage pregnancy in the first place by making contraception cheap and easy.
2. Discourage it more by lowering the wage for men so that women feel they have no choice but to leave the home for the workplace.

3. Encourage a culture of consumerism, so that even where there are sufficient funds to found or expand a family, they will be taken up with the latest iPhone, a newer car, a bigger house.
It’s simple and it works: if you sacrifice all of your principles to one of them, you are likely to get closer to your goal, while moving further from fullness of the truth.
Likewise, if you sacrifice all of your political principles to this one principle, you will also see success; all it requires is that you overlook all of your other principles and vote for:
1. Unjust wages;
2. Exploitative economic systems;
3. People who support torture and war;
4. A lowering of standards for character and virtue in public life
In other words, through your support to the culture of death in the name of “life” you will achieve both; the first one absolutely and the second one relatively.
Note that the second set supports the first, is indeed the political program of the first.
If you disassociate abortion from the moral complex in which it makes sense, your goals will be easier, but the issue will be reduced to a free-floating and arbitrary moralism. You will more easily reach your goal, but at a terrible cost.

Or, of course, you could uphold the *whole* social doctrine of the Church and stop using the unborn as human shields to defend torture, unjust war, unjust wages, and adulterous, draft-dodging sex predators who commit sins that cry to heaven for vengeance. You could stop battling the Church and simply agree with he, even if it means agreeing with liberals now and then. And then, you can say to those liberals, you are right about thus and so, so why is it you can’t see that the unborn deserve the protection of law too?

Or you can cling to follow and wind up with Donald Trump’s name tattooed all your face and your credibility shot to hell.

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