My issue is not and never has been with genuine prolife work

My issue is not and never has been with genuine prolife work October 13, 2016

A reader sends along this beautiful story about prolife folks helping out women in crisis pregnancies (which you really should read) and adds, “Maybe Mark “Pro-lifers don’t care about the women” Shea should consider this.”

Yeah. Except I don’t say that. I argue, in fact, that actually devoting prolife energy to defending children from abortion is a good thing and prolifers should be spending our energy on that. My complaint is that prolife *Trump supporters* (not all prolifers) have been, throughout this campaign (and for years before that) claiming defense of the unborn as their “core value* while in fact diverting massive amounts of energy to fighting the Church on every right wing culture of death priority, whether it’s ignoring the Church on the death penalty, fighting for torture, battling to support a war denounced by two popes and all the world’s bishops, warring to make sure the poor are denied health care as a human right, struggling to reject the Church’s teaching on the minimum wage, shouting down the Church’s guidance on gun violence, screaming at pope Francis as “Che Guevara’s pope”, telling the victims of water poisoning in Flint that they have no right to water, and for the past year, going to the mat to increasingly defend every single evil thing Trump says and does, up to and including sexual assault.

I *like* when prolifers do the things in this article. It makes me proud. I support CPCs. We should be spending *all* our energy doing things like that. But instead we are completely dynamiting our credibility by hiding behind the unborn to spend our time and energy on all this other anti-life garbage.

So, to be clear, it’s not “Prolifers don’t care about women.” it’s “Prolife Trump supporters don’t care about women if they are defending him for being a visible-from-space misogynous sex predator”. And that includes most of the leadership of the Prolife Movement, who have done more damage to the credibility of the prolife movement in the past week than 10,000 feminists screaming at us for 30 years.

Be *more* prolife, not less.

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