What the Trumpkinized “Prolife” Movement Has Achieved in This Election

What the Trumpkinized “Prolife” Movement Has Achieved in This Election October 5, 2016

Summarized in three sentences by two devout consistently prolife Christian women of color:

Reader A: I am so tired of hearing white people say racism isn’t bad but abortion…

Reader B: Know what? I’m sick of it, too. I obviously had more value in my mother’s womb than i ever had or will have since she birthed me.

Reader A: Exactly how I feel.

This.  This is exactly what I have tried to warn the right wing “prolife” movement about.  And mind you, both of these women are long time zealous prolife Christians, so don’t try to lie yourself into some excuse about “liberals” and “not really prolife” or “not really Christian”.  Nope.  They’re still, despite all the Trumpkinized Right has done to alienate them, committed prolife Christians.  It’s just that they’ve gotten the message loud and clear from the Trumpkinized Right about how much they matter to those who prioritize white identity bullshit over the gospel.  And if it’s that loud for them, what do you think people of color outside the prolife movement (and outside the Church) are getting?  How likely do you think it is that they will want to touch the Trumpkinized “prolife” movement (or the Christians who blare it) with a barge pole?

Good work. And when Trump (please God) loses that “Christianity” will have its reward.  Meanwhile, the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church will have a helluva clean-up job.

Pray for these good women. They are living faithfully in a very trying time.  And they are not alone.  The use of the unborn as human shields for the blatant racism of the Trumpkin right is a genuine scandal to many, many Christians, especially those of color.

Rebecca Bratten Weiss on what the prolife movement needs to do if it wants to be taken seriously.

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