Dave Armstrong: It’s not complex

Dave Armstrong: It’s not complex November 18, 2016

Steve Bannon said of his Breitbart Empire: “We’re the platform for the Alt Right.” There’s the link (which I provided before) documenting those words that you claim are undocumented.

What is the Alt Right? It describes itself as a movement “dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of European people in the United States” in other words, “white identity”. That is, “white racism”. If you are still super confused about that, just listen to this interview with Richard Spencer, the guy who coined the term “Alt Right”:

If it takes you as long to figure out that this filth is as incompatible with the Faith as it took you with torture, I can’t help that. Nonetheless, it is.

Meanwhile, your defenses of Bannon and the Alt Right only illustrate my point that the prolife Christian Trump defender will not make an inch of progress toward getting Trump to do anything about abortion. Instead, you will piddle away all your time, energy, and credibility defending whatever filthy thing the Dear Leader bids you defend. Today, it’s Bannon and his cheerleading for the Alt Right. God alone knows what it will be tomorrow.

Or, you could just drop defenses of this racist filth, listen to the Church when she calls racism “foreign to the mind of Christ” and focus on what you *say* is your non-negotiable core priority of defending the unborn.

Also, you might consider apologizing for calling me a liar, but whether you do or not, I extend you my forgiveness.

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