Definition Games, Part Deux

Definition Games, Part Deux November 19, 2016

“Prove to me that the Alt Right is racist!”

Okey doke. Here’s the guy who coined “Alt Right” talking about the superiority of the white race and pretending that swastikas are value-neutral “ancient religious symbols” we can no longer understand to have any particular meaning when they show up on walls, Jewish cemeteries, or in literature about the superiority of the white race. Be absolutely sure to peruse the marauding gang of Alt Right zoo specimens in the comboxes I carefully allowed to roam free so that you can really *see* who the Alt Right are and what they stand for in all their splendor.

“Define racism!”

One of the ways you know somebody is full of crap is when their dictionary ceases to function for them and they become super-duper puzzled about the *exact* granular meaning of words everybody understands.

The guys currently struggling to have no idea what racism even means are the guys who spent ten years trying to figure out what O what the word “torture” meant.

They never begin by asking “what does protection of the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death mean?” They are like the legally pious guy who always asks, “How intimate can I get with my secretary before it’s *technically* adultery?”

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