God Bless Bishop Conley!

God Bless Bishop Conley! November 5, 2016

Takes apart “Nebraskans for the Death Penalty” after they rip some of his words bleeding from their context and lie through their teeth to suggest he supports the death penalty.

This kind of stuff is Exhibit A illustrating my complaint against anti-abortion-but-prolife Catholics who *claim* that stopping abortion and euthanasia is their “core non-negotiable”, but who in fact devote their time and energy to battling the Church on their favorite culture of death issue such the death penalty (aka “state-enforced euthanasia”).

The ringleader of this push to overturn the democratic process and reintroduce the death penalty after Nebraska lawfully abolished it is Nebraska’s Catholic governor, Peter Ricketts, who has personally donated $300,000 to the death penalty group, making him one of the campaign’s largest personal donors.

Bishop Conley’s spokesman has responded to this duplicity graciously:

“Governor Ricketts is a man of integrity, a great Catholic, and a friend to the Church,” Flynn said. “I don’t think he’d appreciate the disrespect and duplicity of ‘Nebraskans for the Death Penalty.’ I’m sure that as he becomes aware of the situation, he’ll encourage the group to stop using the face of Bishop Conley, a consistent opponent of the death penalty, in order to confuse Catholics before the election.”

Me, I’m not so gracious.  This kind of stuff is commonplace with the anti-abortion-but-not-prolife Right.  And the straightup Lying for Jesus stuff that tries to make the bishop a supporter of the death penalty is in keeping with the increasingly Machiavellian embrace of consequentialism by the increasingly cynical “prolife” right that uses the unborn as human shields to attack the Church.  For, of course, Governor Ricketts, while laboring to kill prisoners in the teeth of the Church clear teaching about the death penalty, proudly announces himself “prolife.”

Suggestion: Be more prolife, not less.  Stop spending your time, energy and $300,o0o to kill people and just devote it to what you *claim* is your #1 priority, the defense of the unborn.  Is that so hard?

Bravo Bp. Conley!

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