Marc Barnes has a good piece in the Catholic Herald

Marc Barnes has a good piece in the Catholic Herald November 11, 2016

warning of the danger Trump poses to the prolife cause.  I disagree with him about “opposing him from the start” since our first task is to seek the common good.  But he is perfectly right about not getting sucked into defending all the right wing culture of death priorities that he is surely going to champion and those will have to be resisted.

The weird thing about this election has been watching prolife Christians move with such speed from “He’s terrible, but a necessary evil” to “How *dare* you question anything he says or does!  You need to unite behind him!”  On Barnes’ FB page a number of people are rejecting and excoriating Barnes as a “liberal” for pointing out the bleeding obvious fact that Trump is, after all, an incredibly terrible human being whom only a fool would trust.  I remember a few short months ago when almost all conservative Christians were saying the same thing and urging us to vote for Cruz or Carson.  Now we are to accept this documented liar’s word.

Nope.  Watch what he does, not what he says.  When he does good, accept it and praise him for it.  But don’t be a sucker and don’t be shy about speaking out when he violates the gospel.  Because the Church stands in grave danger of losing an entire generation of converts if we whore ourselves out to this guy for a shot at earthly power.  Many, indeed, are already scandalized and gone.

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