Everything Wrong with the Left

Everything Wrong with the Left January 17, 2017

So New Wave Feminists, a feminist prolife organization, asked to come to the Women’s March on Washington to speak out in opposition to our Dear Leader.

They were approved to come. The Atlantic did a story on this (a good one) remarking on the inclusivity of the march.

Result: The Guardians of Orthodox Feminism blew up Twitter screaming that all women were equal but some are way more equal than others and demanding that New Wave Feminists be rejected.

Accordingly, the gutless organizers of the March complied. Apparently, Trump isn’t so much a threat to women that other women are even more of a threat–even when they want to march alongside and protest him.


I’m going to have Destiny Herndon-de la Rosa, who heads New Wave Feminists, on Connecting the Dots today or tomorrow to talk about this absurd situation. Stay tuned at 5 PM Eastern.

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