Sean Hannity Makes the Case for Domestic Torture

Sean Hannity Makes the Case for Domestic Torture January 27, 2017

Hannity acts as Minister of Propaganda for Trump Torture Regime

What is sinister about this is that FOX, with absolute reliability, not only resumes the work of teaching its audience of Good White Christians that torture is good, but sets up a scenario to legitimate using in, not merely against scary dark-skinned foreigners from 24, but against suspected criminals here in the US. Kidnapping, after all, doesn’t just happen in the Middle East. He and Trump are making the case that police should be allowed to torture American citizens.

Where he does not go–because is either too dumb to see it or too much of a filthy liar to mention it–is that once you embrace the lie that torture is morally permissible and that the ends justify the means, the torture of innocents is a foregone conclusion. After all, the reason you are doing it is to find out if the person you are torturing is guilty of the thing you suspect him of. It may turn out you are wrong. It often does. And when it does and you wind up torturing innocents to death as Dick Cheney did, you then have to tell yourself–as Dick Cheney did–that it was still worth it.

And once a state rounds that bend–and they do so very quickly–there is nothing at all to prevent the state from doing what *all* torture states do: torturing the wives and children of suspects in order to get the information they imagine the suspect has.

This horror is what the “prolife” Christian Trump supporter is now responsible for supporting unless they speak out against it. Many think torture is awesome. Many feel a pang of conscience–but not so much that they actually raise their voices. Well, silence implies consent. If you are not vocal against it, if you make any excuses for it, you support it.

And God sees.

So speak. Reject this filth. Because these guys mean to bring it to your front door. If you are marking Roe v. Wade today, then face the fact that the you cannot present a credible prolife witness to the world and support torture at the same time. You cannot use the unborn as human shields for mortal sins worthy of the everlasting fires of hell.

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