The And Campaign offers a whole life approach

The And Campaign offers a whole life approach December 4, 2019

Say they: Christians, don’t settle for the conservative or progressive narrative about abortion. Watch these women speak the truth in love (&) present a #NewNarrative that’s #ProWomen (&) #ProChild.

The AND Campaign – Heart of the Matter from Kraven Photography on Vimeo.

Smart prolifers know that until the prolife movement stops lying to itself that it is more important to instinctively resist anything that smells “liberal” than it is to ask “Is this liberal-smelling thing something that can be supported in light of the Christian tradition?” they will continue to impress decent-hearted people who would otherwise listen to them as more focused on Right Wing Culture War victory than on the gospel. This is the core failure of the prolife movement’s commitment to every lie, cruelty and act of sadism by the Trump Freak Show.

Instead of thinking “Will this help my culture war enemy?” ask “Will this help Jesus Christ, present in my neighbor?” A Consistent Life Ethic does not think, “If we listen to women we might wind up contaminated by feminist cooties!” It thinks, “If we listen to women, we might find out who they are, what they need, and how to love them for Christ’s sake–even if they are feminists, since there is nothing necessarily wrong with being a feminist anyway.”

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