The good news is that we belong to a Teaching Church

The good news is that we belong to a Teaching Church February 15, 2018

And that Church has already put it’s very considerable brain to the question of gun violence and already has made proposals on some concrete ways of addressing it.

We can act now, if we are willing.  It really is that simple.  It comes down to a binary choice.  If, when a slaughter occurs, your first, last, and only response is “Don’t touch my gun!” without so much as a thought for the victims, you are the problem and you need to repent.  If your response is “Dear God, surely there must *something* we can try to change this constant reality in American (and only American) life” you are part of the solution, even if you have no idea what concrete steps to attempt yet.  It’s about the will first and foremost.  So we can really choose to try pursuing the ideas the USCCB proposes (just for starters).  And if they don’t all work, we can pro-actively Google lots of other proposals and pro-actively attempt to get them implemented in your community.  You can, in a word, try.

Or we can keep listening to and repeating the lies of butchers who profit from arms and who could not care less about the 35,000 people they help to slaughter with their lies each year.

If a pol is guilty of formal cooperation with evil for voting to maintain our abortion regime and do nothing to lessen the violence, so is the pol who accepts millions from the NRA and, in payment for their graft, votes to maintain our current gun regime, thereby guaranteeing another 35,000 dead by year’s end.

A consistent life ethic sees that and fights on both fronts as a Christian should, for the preservation of human life.

A Christianist uses the unborn as human shields and says things like (as a reader said to me yesterday): “I feel safer in the hands of the NRA than in the hands of Planned Parenthood.”

Here’s reality:  Both parties support Planned Parenthood.  The Party of Trump re-funded them *five times* last year and will re-fund them again to the tune of half a billion this year (as even Breitbart admits).  So do not play the stupid game of “Oh yeah!  Well, Dems support Planned Parenthood, which is way worse than the NRA.”

Using the unborn as human shields to defend the GOP’s active, decades-old effort to make sure absolutely no change happens to reduce our insane gun slaughter rate is one of the most popular–and absolutely the most disgusting–tactic of Christianists.  Its sole goal is not to save a single unborn child, but to save blood-soaked Republicans from the same moral scrutiny that Dem pols who support abortion laws rightly receive.

The other favorite tactic is simple passive-aggression.  Just keep talking and tell any lie to delay action.  Guns don’t kill people.  Mass shooters would just use rock if they didn’t have guns.  All action of the smallest kind is prelude to confiscation and concentration camps.  This shooting was a false flag operation by the Obama Shadow Government.  It’s too soon!  Any verbiage will do so long as it keeps sane people busy talking to the liars and not acting to change our gun regime.

And, of course, there is the passive-aggressive tactic of simply intoning the mantra: “Give up.  Don’t try.  Won’t work.  All action is futile.  Sin is in the heart, not the technology.  You have to address that, not try to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, maniacs, morons, the mentally ill, domestic abusers, white supremacists, terrorists, and convicted stalkers.”

The reply to that is, “Nuclear weapons are just morally neutral technology too.  So let’s make them easily accessible to ISIS and then just focus our efforts on praying very hard that God change their hearts.  Lemme know how that works for you.”

The same people who say it is absolutely futile to try to limit access to gun technology since real evil is in the heart are the ones who absolutely believe that limiting access to abortion technology will magic abortion out of existence and who are willing to countenance virtually any evil in pursuit of that goal–including unlimited gun slaughter and the GOP that fights to keep it an eternal reality of American life.

I say we try listening to the USCCB for starters.

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