The Accomplice-in-Chief

The Accomplice-in-Chief February 15, 2018

This picture of the butcher of Parkland…

is absolutely related to Trump’s choice to cut millions from a gun background check system. And his choice to cut funding to dealing with right wing domestic terrorism.  And his choice to make sure that guns were easily available to the mentally ill.

He and his party are the accomplices to the massacre in Parkland and to every gun massacre and all the the little unnoticed butcheries that will–absolutely certainly *will*–have happened 35,000 times by 12/31/18. One of them may be the woman you love, the little girl you cherish, the son you prayed for, the husband you will spend the rest of your life wishing you had died in his place, the friend you have known since you were a boy, your priest, your favorite teacher, your father and mother, your uncle who used to set the party on a roar with his corny jokes.

These are the selfish, bought-and-paid-for men and women who did everything in their power to make absolutely *sure* 35,000 people will be dead by year’s end, as they have devotedly done for 30 years. The only thing they have ever changed is the number of guns sold (more) and the number of corpses (more). They are *enemies* of the common good and accomplices to murder. They could have acted. Instead, they blasphemed the dead and their Maker with “thoughts and prayers” and did *nothing* but enrich the Gun Lobby and themselves.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You have the power to do something about it. You can, this November, break the back of the party of nihilist predators known as the GOP by voting out every single one that is up for election. You don’t have to just sit there and take it. You take the fight to them and destroy them systematically till they are all run from office. ENOUGH!

And then, once they are gone, you can fight back against the president who is doing all in his power to protect the Gun Lobby by supporting his expulsion from the office he soils.

Then, turn your sights on the Dems who get money from the NRA.

But do not, for the love of God, lie to yourself that “they are no different”. The GOP gets $6 million in payoffs. Dems get slightly over $100,000.

And do not, for the love of God, say, “But abortion!”  Trump and his party of predators have funded Planned Parenthood five times and are about to do it again.  While you chase that absurd carrot, they are enabling massacre and profiting from it.

The GOP is the clear and present danger. Destroy it.

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