The 50 Craziest Things Trump has Done

The 50 Craziest Things Trump has Done February 13, 2017

I’m posting this on Friday, so I assume by Monday, there will be more to add to the list.

Here’s the deal: the trap the prolife Christian Trump supporter walked into on November 8 was the lie “He’s the lesser evil and we will hold his feet to the fire once he wins.”

Here is what you guy have consistently done since then: Defend every single crazy, evil, and stupid thing he has done by repeating the mantra “Hillary was worse.”

Hillary lost. Move on. Get over it. Live in the present moment and stop endless dwelling on November 8. Great. Fine. You voted for the lesser evil. That was your mistake. The Church does not and never has said, “You may support evil as long as it is the lesser evil.” What the Church says is “You may do what you can to lessen evil.”

The way you go about lessening evil now, here, this minute, in the sacrament of the present moment, is to address the evil, crazy, stupid things Trump is doing right now not by repeating endlessly, “But Hillary!”, but by repudiating the evils he does (meaning nearly everything he is doing) and supporting the rare good things he does.

It also includes doing the elementary moral calculus involved in realizing that this dangerous, lying, incompetent authoritarian needs to go–fast–before he does something catastrophic.

If you are a Trump voter who is disquieted by the fact that every day delivers fresh crazy for you to have to justify with “But Hillary, then declare a little Jubilee. Forget the need to rationalize the fact that you voted for this guy. Let this blog be your Safe Space. I don’t care why you voted for him. No doubt you felt you had good reasons. Granted. All “But Hillarys!” are accepted. Let’s now move on to the present and the fact that we have a problem: This utterly unworthy incompetent, liar, and con man is sucking up all your time and energy from defending either the unborn or the gospel with the constant need to deny, excuse, and defend his endless stream of sewage. Wouldn’t really rather have done with him and the menace you know in your heart he poses the nation and the world?

Then just stop defending him. Face reality. He needs to go–quickly. Join the Resistance. Tell the truth.

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