Bannon is the single most dangerous and toxic Catholic

Bannon is the single most dangerous and toxic Catholic February 10, 2017

in American public life. He has figured out that prolife conservative Catholics are now radically immunocompromised to the rise of the ethnonationalist blood and soil fertility cult swill he advocates and is doing his best to foment schism against Peter. Just the other day, Thomas Williams, ex-Legionary and lying baby daddy who works for Breitbart deluding the faithful was passing along the lie that the Holy Father is a communist and approving Bannon for spreading that lie. He is a Machiavellian with a Big Theory and has no qualms about millions dying to make his theory reality. Any lunatic hankering for war with China and laboring to foster the rise of ethnonationalism in Europe should not be on the National Security Council or anywhere near the White House.

It will be interesting to see how long Trump’s vanity can endure the “President Bannon” trope that accurately describes him as the brains of the Trump Administration. Saul generally does not like hearing “Trump has slain his thousands, but Bannon his tens of thousands.”

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