Sherry Weddell Passes on a Story to the Glory of God

Sherry Weddell Passes on a Story to the Glory of God February 24, 2017

Writeth she:

Okay… so I have to share a cool story with you. A friend sent me this:

I am currently living in South Africa as my husband is US Air Force working at the US Embassy in Pretoria. A couple of months ago, A friend contacted me to tell me that a Catholic missionary she knows was being flown to Johannesburg from Uganda due to a neck fracture from a bad car accident. She asked if I could go visit him in JoBurg. No problem! I drove down and brought him a few things from where I volunteer, some candy, some cash… and your book, Sherry [Forming Intentional Disciples]! He wound up going back to his native England for further (better) treatment. He is truly a miracle… a C2 fracture with no paralysis. He contacted me just now to let me know he went to a Called and Gifted workshop in his diocese because he had read your book! This little story spreads THREE continents! Isn’t that awesome!?

Glory to God!

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