The NRA is taking an historic pounding

The NRA is taking an historic pounding February 24, 2018

And I am thanking God for every second of it.

Corporate America is fleeing the NRA. Since that was published, not only have First National Bank of Omaha and Enterprise Holdings (which include Enterprise, Alamo, and National car rental companies) fled these accomplices to slaughter, but also:

Plus, Black Rock, the world’s largest asset manager is now threatening gun makers here in the US. They aren’t talking divestment (yet) but they are, ‘ow you say?, making their displeasure felt. When you do $5 trillion dollars in global business and your foreign customers are all giving you the side eye because your US customers include a blood-soaked pack of savages who reek with the gore of children slaughtered again and again with their merchandise, you start to get nervous.

(PS: Just for a scrumptious cherry on top, the FBI is investigating to see if any Russian money went to the NRA’s campaign to help elect Trump.)

PPS:  Pressure is mounting on the NRA-owned accomplices in Congress to finally, after twenty years of blockage, allow the Center for Disease Control to do the comprehensive study of gun violence they have been wanting to do (click the link to sign the petition). And at least one GOP muckity-much has cracked a bit and said, in essence, “Maybe we should, kinda sorta.”  We’re not there, but it’s movement.

Oh, and just for icing on the cake, Wayne LaPierre’s hysterical, panic-driven meltdown attracted the attention of the Jewish and Israeli press, who could not help noticing the distinct anti-semitism that laced his speech.  Because the man knows his audience of white Christianist racists and anti-semites.

Bottom line, the pressure is on by decent Americans to demand corporate America do the right thing and give these accomplices to murder the heave-ho. And that is a delicious irony since, in the same freakout panic speech, Wayne LaPierre was shrieking about “socialism”. Well, sir, it’s capitalism and corporate fear of being seen with moral lepers like you that is bleeding your organization white. “Market forces” doncha know.

And all because of those darn meddling kids and their dog! It’s like we’re living in a Frank Capra movie!

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Not that the NRA is bereft of friends. The Party of Trump still hugs them close and kisses the mouth stained from drinking the sacrificial blood of children.

And in the “faith without works is dead” department the Florida Party of Life-controlled legislature which says we need to get at the “root causes” of gun violence and not offer useless token gestures swung into action to reject a ban on assault weapons and put “In God We Trust” signs in schools.

Not that there has been no action from the Party of Life.  In a stunning triumph that has made every Christianist’s passionate prostitution to Trump worth it, the Trump Administration announced that Planned Parenthood would not be barred from applying for family planning funds.

For this, Fr. Pavone desecrated an altar and the Christianists in the “prolife” movement cheered for a sex predator who mocks the disabled and deports vets and kids.  For this, “prolife” Christianists have stood squarely athwart efforts to prevent gun slaughter and cheered on lying scum who smeared the victims of gun violence as “crisis actors.” For this, Christianists now cheer for the utterly stupid idea of arming teachers and hail their orange god king as a genius.

For this.

But the good news is, even at this late date and with so many notches on the belt for sheer acts of folly, stupidity, cruelty, and lies, God still accepts the repentant heart and the one who will finally turn away from evil to do good.  And in a sheer act of grace he has raised up these amazing kids to put the fear of God in the NRA, the pols they own, and the Gun Cult that serves them.

To the kids he says, “Well done, good and faithful!”

To the Gun Cult he says, “Mene, mene, tekel upharsin.”

We are coming for you on Election Day in November.  You will not escape.

Update: Since writing this the NRA has hemorrhaged more corporate money as they flee the unclean thing:

CREDIT: Diana Ofosu

Upperdate: And now Delta has told them to shove off.

Keep up the pressure and smash their power. We are living in a season of grace, thanks be to God!

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