Well done, Gillette!

Well done, Gillette! January 19, 2019

Of course, the backlash, led by such Christianist Court prophets as Matt Walsh, is massively depressing. Only the most wrong people on planet Earth could see an exhortation to be a gentleman and not a bullying jerk and decide they are so offended they must boycott Gillette forever.

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It says everything about you, not Gillette, when the common sense exhortation “Be a gentleman and not a selfish brute” is ridiculed as “effeminate”. It also says everything about your guilty conscience when you automatically assume such a common sense exhortation is a personal attack on you.  It’s embarrassing to watch Christianists reliably take the lead in standing against common decency and in favor of being a swine.

But if you ignore them, it’s a hopeful sign.

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