Point/Counterpoint February 24, 2018

Cadet Bonespurs has settled on arming teachers as the next phase of the Gun Cult’s flight from reality.  While in the process of punching down at the cop who froze at Parkland, he declares that an imaginary armed teacher would have “shot the hell” out of the gunman, because TV westerns are real and Fox and Friends tells the truth and the president’s inner world creates reality.

Meanwhile, an actual soldier who has been in combat writes:

Few people actually run towards gunfire. Most search for cover. Some can’t function. Fight or flight. Adrenaline floods your body. Time doesn’t exist. Your heart beats outside of your chest. Fine motor skills stop working. People urinate and defecate themselves. Good luck holding steady aim at a moving target. Even the simplest of tasks, such as reloading can become difficult. Your hands shake for hours afterward. It’s chaotic on a level that is beyond comprehension until you experience it.

So it comes to this.  The Gun Cult, which forever tells us that we have to deal with the *root* issues and not do bandaid “solutions” (between “thoughts and prayers”) now tells us to arm teachers and school staff and turn schools into war zones where guns will be easily available, not only to unstable students, but to frightened, trigger-happy staff and klutzes. What was a joke 45 years ago is now our reality:

And don’t forget this reality too:

Image may contain: 1 person, text and outdoor

Lots of teachers and staff are people of color and you exponentially increase their chances of being shot just for carrying.  You also increase their chances of being shot by police who have no idea who the real shooter is in an active shooter situation and will just blow away anybody with a gun–especially the black guy with the gun (even though school slaughters are a white phenomenon).

And, of course, you put on the teacher a demand for training and snap judgment and skill that is required of professional soldiers.

Image result for Chris kyle teachers gun

The entire proposal is absolute insanity–and the best thing the pols owned by the NRA can come up with, because the sole proposal of the Gun Cult is always and only “MOAR GUNS”.  This is all about remaining on the good side of the NRA which gave Trump $30,000,000.  Nothing else. It has nothing to do with school safety because the nihilist predators in the GOP do not care if your kid or his teacher live or die.

And the kids now know it.  And four million of them will turn 18 this year alone.  And more are on the way.  And they are coming for you, you accomplices to slaughter.

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