US exorcists report demonic activity on the rise

US exorcists report demonic activity on the rise March 29, 2017

Interesting piece over at CNA:

These sorts of stories tend to irk atheists, who reject them without trial since they have a dogma against them.  Meanwhile:

“The problem isn’t that the devil has upped his game, but more people are willing to play it,” Father Lampert said. He pointed to rampant pornography, illegal drugs use and the occult. “Where there is demonic activity, there is always an entry point,” he said.

Last October, Father Lampert met in Rome with the International Association of Exorcists, a group of 400 Catholic leaders and priests. It is a support group that meets every other year. According to him, group members agree that there is a great need for more exorcists.

Actual demonic possessions are rare, however, Father Lampert explained. “I’ve only seen three possessions in the last three years, but there is also infestation, vexation and obsession.”

He explained that demonic infestation happens in places where things might move and there are loud noises. With vexation, a person is physically attacked and might have marks such as bruises, bites or scratches. Demonic obsession involves mental attacks, such as persistent thoughts of evil racing through one’s mind.

The general response to this is “But this is 2017!” (which is like saying, “But this is Wednesday the 29th!”).  Also something about “SCIENCE!” which apparently means, “You either imagined or are lying about the levitation you saw.”  And, of course, there is the appeal to getting a mental health professional since Catholics are exceedingly stupid and it never occurs to them to suppose that the first explanation for strange behavior is mental illness.  Oh, wait!  It turns out the Church alway consults mental health professionals before rushing in to do exorcisms.
I’m not a bit surprised the demonic is on the rise.  We have  culture that has de-Christianized and tried to live in a house swept clean and empty.  Supernature abhors a vacuum.
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