Dave Armstrong Defends Prolifers from the Charge…

Dave Armstrong Defends Prolifers from the Charge… April 8, 2017

that they are single issue voters.

FWIW,  I don’t say, and never have said, that “prolifers are one-issue voters”.

Would to God they were.

I would *love* it if prolifers really and truly focused on stopping abortion and on promoting the dignity of human life from conception to natural death.

But for the most part they don’t. Instead, the vast majority of them  spend massive amounts of time and energy defending, not human life, but every right wing culture of death priority and battling the Church to do it.

From supporting the recent attempt to kick 24 million people off health care, to endless attacks on Commie Heretic Pope Francis, to Catholic defenses of the death penalty in direct opposition to the Church’s teaching to years-long defenses of torture to defenses of unjust war in direct opposition to two popes and all the world’s bishops to denying the poor a living wage to defenses of a lying sex predator as the New Constantine to a host of other issues, the “prolife” conservative spends the bulk of his time on these things and not on ending abortion.

Rather, the habit is not to focus on abortion, but to trot the unborn out as human shields for those other commitments and to say things like “Why are we worrying about ‘torture’ when the *real* torture is abortion? War is a prudential judgment. And besides far more children die from abortion! Who cares about the living wage when babies are dying?  The death penalty is not intrinsically immoral like abortion, so feel free to blow off the Church’s call for its abolition. We need to ignore the people (supported the NRA and given tacit acknowledgement by this president) who harrass the parent of Sandy Hook and accuse them of staging a hoax because only a few children ‘died’ (if you believe their story) while millions die from abortion.”

And so on. The real focus is not on the unborn, but on defending right wing culture of death talking points and pitting the unborn against almost the entirety of Catholic Social teaching.

That’s why the Right hates “Commie Pope” Francis so much. He insists on relating the unborn to the rest of Catholic social teaching instead of pitting them against it.

I’d be fine with prolife people who said, “I don’t have the time or energy to deal with these other issues because my prolife work consumes my time.”  What I object to are the ones who say, “Keep the focus on abortion” in one breath and then in the next twenty breaths are battling to defend efforts to kill and impoverish people in the teeth of Church teaching.

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