The Good News is the Trump Appears to be a Liar

The Good News is the Trump Appears to be a Liar April 7, 2017

Yesterday, his Administration was talking about leading a “coalition” to oust Assad and wade into a 20 sided Civil War due to a mood swing on the part of Trump.  This insane proposal basically meant Iraq War III, with an option of going to war with Russia.

Today, it’s becoming clear that the strike on the airbase was political theatre and that we had warned the Russians who warned Assad, who emptied the base of personnel and essential equipment so Trump could spend half a million dollars per missile blowing up nothing in particular and being perceived as tough and “doing something” for the victims of sarin gas.

That “something” of course, does not include letting refugees from this hellhole come here.

But on the bright side, it may also mean he is not crazy enough to actually launch a massive ground war that will pit us against Russia.

Russia, meanwhile, is making loud war noises but going to the UN.  I suspect a lot of this is Putin doing for his constituency what Trump is doing for his: looking tough while looking for the door.  But Trump and Putin are both semi-delusional and not in control of events very well.  I think Putin was as surprised by Trump’s election as 3/4 of America was and is now afraid he’s created a monster with all the reliability of nitroglycerine.

At any rate, Trump is ramping up the “proportional strike” rhetoric and seems to be letting the “regime change” stuff fade.

God help us if somebody launches a strike against a Trump property.

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